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We're a pair of chancers with the odds stacked against us. We're chasing a dream. February 2018 was when this dream was conceived. Since then we've worked diligently to create our first book, Clownbound. We approached this project in a unique way. Sean wrote the opening chapter and sent it to me. I, the other Sean, then reviewed and corrected the chapter. Following this, I wrote the next chapter and sent it to Sean. And so on and so forth. This led to us creating an incredibly unpredictable world in Clownbound. Our aim was initially to create a novel. However, now we wish to provide a service for other authors to create the worlds that they've always wanted to create. We will help you through your journey as a self-published author and provide you with assistance from the creation of the novel to the editing and marketing.

Our Work


What name springs to mind when you hear these words: hero, athlete, clown? That's right, Timmy Tim Tim Thompson from Yugoslavia. Born into a drastically poor and abusive family, Timmy had no choice but to fend for himself. Through a series of not so fortunate events (copyright), he found his way into clownhood. The Circus is at war again and it is up to Timmy to help the Clowns defeat the Magicians. On his journey he meets new friends, foes, and the love of his life. The question is: Will this clown be able to juggle his ego, his purpose, and his desire to win gold at the 1997 Circus Olympics?

Clownbound: Take me to the circuits


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1. What does RW stand for? It's a secret, sorry.

2. How much does the book cost? £2.99 for Kindle and £7.99 for print.

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